Be Part of the Community: Clubs and Organisations for Seniors in Vic, Au

If you are a senior or approaching senior life, you can be part of a community to enjoy educational, fun and healthy activities. There is a range of clubs and organisations in Victoria for you. 

Depending on what type of activity you are looking for, most clubs and organisations are available, and some are even looking to sign up new members.

List of Clubs and Organisations

Below is a list of clubs and organisations that may be of interest to seniors, whether retiree or approaching retirement. To get the most updated information, please contact the club or organisation.

Life Activities Club

Seniors can get support when it comes to retirement and personal struggles in old age as they pursue an active lifestyle. This club offers a variety of physical, leisure and social activities. They organise personal development and educational activities as well.

Telephone: 03 9614 3017

Social Support Group

Through the Australian Multicultural Community Services (AMCS), seniors get practical assistance, care and support through a range of community projects, respite activities and exercise.

Telephone: (03) 9689 9170
Fax: (03) 9687 7446

The Probus Club of Port Melbourne

Probus Club organises active programmes and monthly meetings to support retirees who want to keep mentally alert while enjoying meeting new friends.

For membership vacancies, you can reach the committee by filling out this form. Learn about its membership here.

Bayside City Council

If you want to find VIC local community services, you can check out this resource guide. Active Living for Older Adults 2018 provides information on the range of activities available within the Bayside community.

Other Activities You Can be a Part Of

You do not necessarily have to sign up for a class or any other activities that you might find difficult to start in your old age. You can also check out these activities or communities:

South Melbourne Community Centre also provides opportunities for communities to gather, learn, and share.

Other Activities You Can be a Part Of

There are a lot of benefits when you join a community or club activities like:

You can ask recreational activities centre near you or information sites for seniors to sign up for club activities. Do continue to check Delta Care for updates and information on aged care and retirement resources.

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