Top 10 Must-See Attractions for Seniors in Melbourne, Vic, Au

Many tourists visit Melbourne to experience world-class events, striking landscapes, pristine beaches, food, wine, and its stylish and cosmopolitan city.

For seniors enjoying the rest of their retirement, it’s high time to visit beautiful attractions. Reconnect with your adventurous spirit and relax.

10 Attractions for Seniors

If you’re planning a recreational activity for a senior, remember to leave room for rest in between so that they can replenish their energy and be able to take on the rest of the day. 

Delta Care lists the top 10 attractions for seniors to visit in Melbourne and neighbouring towns in Victoria.

1. Phillip Island

Wildlife, touring trails, adventure 

This is a great place for seeing native wildlife and enjoy outdoor activities in Australia. During sunset, you will get the chance to see penguins returning to their burrow after a day out fishing. Other fascinating creatures you will see are the koalas, kangaroos, and wallabies. You can also hike or bike along the coastal trails and scenic bushland of the coast.

2.  Royal Botanical Gardens

Relaxation, educational tours

The Royal Botanical Gardens is an ideal place to relax and take a stroll among the different species of plants. In this garden, you can learn about different plants, fungi, and algae, therefore, enriching your knowledge of various plant life. You’ll also find famous statues with a brief description of them. These statues are not barricaded, so you can study them up close and even touch them.

3. The Great Ocean Road

Adventure, road trips, outdoor activities

This place is ideal for taking a road trip with your senior loved ones. During your ride, you will get a glimpse of the breathtaking mountain and the sea. You will find many rest stops where you can stretch your legs and take many photographs after the long drive.

4. Cook’s Cottage 

Arts and culture, history, educational tours

For the seniors who have so much interest in Captain Cook, Cook’s Cottage offers a place to learn about his life and sea voyages. The cottage was built in Yorkshire in 1755 and was rebuilt in Fitzroy Gardens in 1934. To get the cottage built in Australia, every brick was dismantled carefully and transported across the sea.

5. Chocoholic Tours

Multigenerational fun, sightseeing

Melbourne offers several tours for chocoholics. For a senior who loves chocolate, you’ll get to see firsthand how chocolate is made, learn about its history, and enjoy tasting different combinations of chocolate.

6. Yarra Valley and Mornington Peninsula Winery Tours

Multigenerational fun, sightseeing

Let your elderly loved one visit Yarra Valley and Mornington peninsula wineries on a tour from Melbourne and enjoy wine tasting. Learn about the area and Melbourne history.

7. Australian Sports Museum

Excursions, group tours

This is a place for celebrating sports in Australia. A senior who’s into physical activities will find great moments in sports and learn about the most popular games.

8. The Regent Theatre

Relaxation, performances, musicals, dramatic events

If your senior loved one enjoys watching great performances, festivals, opera, or classical ballet, this is the place to be.

9. Queen Victoria Market

Vacation, educational tours

Popular for foodie tours, this place will allow you to discover unique ingredients, learn the tips and tricks of shopping and cooking, even meet market traders.

 10. Crown Melbourne Casino

Multigenerational fun, entertainment, relaxation

This is a place to indulge in dining, gaming, and entertainment—a perfect relaxation for an aged loved one.

Melbourne indeed has places to offer for seniors and retirees. If you’re taking care of an elderly, let him enjoy his fruitful years and use this list to help you plan a memorable trip.

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