Exploring the Benefits of Walking Groups in Victoria

For many aging adults in Australia, walking has been a go-to form of exercise. A survey by Victoria Walks reports that around 77% of people beyond age 75 say that walking is their primary form of physical activity.

They engage in the activity together with a group. Besides the apparent health benefits of walking, it comes with other perks.

Why Seniors Enjoy Walking Groups

Easy, Friendly Form of Exercise

Aging adults are more limited in vigorous activities, which makes walking perfect for them. It stimulates the leg muscles and gets the circulatory system moving.

Great Way to Motivate Seniors

Walking groups in Victoria enjoy the activity primarily because of the people they do it with. Being with other mature adults allows them to share their experiences and find people who understand them. It also becomes an event they look forward to regularly. 

Makes Retirement Less Boring 

Retirement requires transition, and it’s not always fun for everyone—especially for those who can no longer do most things independently. However, since walking groups connect people, retired adults now have a community beyond just walking. They can do other activities together and spend their retirement in communal bliss.

A Healthy Bonding Activity for Families

More often than not, seniors crave spending time with family members. Walking with them from time to time is an excellent way to bond and foster relationships. At Delta Care, we encourage residents and their families to spend quality time together.

Where to Go Walking in Victoria

Where to Go Walking in Victoria Walking Groups in Victoria | Delta Care

On top of safety, other factors come into play in choosing a place to go walking. Pedestrian access, neighbourhood density, aesthetics, walking infrastructure, and accessibility are all taken into account by walking groups. Here are some recommendations in Melbourne and other areas in VIC.


Established Trails


Zoos and Recreational Places

It’s incredible how a simple activity can significantly impact, which is why many organisations like Heart Foundation Australia and Life Activities Clubs Victoria encourage older adults to join walking groups. Knowing that it can affect elderly health, it becomes imperative to improve parks, pavements, crossings, and other aspects that risk walking groups and their senior members.

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