Comprehensive Aged Care Planning for Our Melbourne Residents

Moving to a new facility or a nursing home requires a lot of time and research. The transition process can be challenging for both residents and their family members. Of course, we all want the best for our loved ones. And to achieve that, it’s imperative to maximise your options. 

At Delta Care, we perform an in-depth care planning for all our residents. This is a good opportunity to know more about them and assess their needs. From there, our staff can devise the best methods and approaches based on their preferences and requirements. The objective is to give them the best care solutions and treatments.

What is Included in Care Planning?

Delta Care prides itself in providing the best residential aged care in Australia. Allow our home care team to briefly discuss with you our different programmes. We also regularly evaluate our care plans to improve our methods. 

Your loved one will receive much-needed support and quality care during their stay at our aged care home. This will minimise guesswork for care teams as to what type of service they should provide to them. With a well-managed care solution, we can keep improving our methods.

What is Included in Care Planning Aged Care Planning | My Delta Care

Here is what’s included in a care plan:

Assessment of resident’s needs and individual preferences

A well-experienced healthcare practitioner interviews each resident during their first month of stay at our aged care home. Personal interviews help them gain information about the resident's requirements and therefore administer customised care services. Traditions, customs or routines that the resident takes part in are also taken into account.

Formulation of individualised care plans

Using the resident's assessment on care needs and preferences, our care staff make an individualised aged care plan that matches their lifestyle.

Evaluation of care plans regularly

Residents' care needs are constantly changing as they stay longer in our care home. Our healthcare providers know about this, and therefore they take interviews regularly to discuss information about their care plan and also health-related issues that might have arisen.

Who Are The People Involved in Planning?

Adequate aged care is facilitated by an ongoing conversation between healthcare practitioners, residents and their families to provide information on care needs. This helps residents and their relatives to take part in decisions to meet their personal care needs in a wholesome way.
Who Are The People Involved in Planning Aged Care Planning | My Delta Care

Why Care Planning is Important?

This process helps our aged care providers determine what kind of aged care service to give your elderly loved one to improve their quality of living thus feel at home. 

When you share necessary information about care needs in the time of developing care plans, you help to provide your patient with quality aged care by our care home.

It encourages patients to participate in their care goals.

The success of aged care services depends on the daily involvement of the resident in aged care plans keeping our professional care team in tune with quick lifestyle changes.

It allows us to create more opportunities for our care plan programmes

Conducting care plans allows us to create more opportunities for our residents. Within the process, we can learn more about their health and lifestyle. From there, our home care team can specialised new programmes for them. Here, we always prioritise the health and wellness of every resident.

It lays out an action plan for the resident’s needs

To achieve wellness, healthcare practitioners observe your loved ones make a care plan that is flexible and personalised to their social needs and what they like, ensuring them a good time in our aged care home facility.

It improves their quality of life

Moving into an aged care home facility does not mean abandoning the fun, social and spiritual activities. Discuss the activities you would like your elderly loved one to keep up and search for the ones available at our care home facility.

It improves our aged care services

Delta Care does not just focus on health services. Your elderly relative's wishes, thoughts and feelings are prioritised together with input from you, giving the greatest satisfaction from the care services our staff offer. You can also get updates from our newsletter.

Why Care Planning is Important Aged Care Planning | My Delta Care

If you are still in the search for aged care facilities, Delta Care is your best choice! Here, truly care about your overall health and wellness. This is why we go above and beyond to give you the highest level of care and treatment. We will help you improve your health through proper care solutions! 

You can visit our website to explore our group and individual care programmes. In case you have questions about our aged care services, our aged care team is always available to give you more details. You can also contact our care management team via email.

Get the right treatment and proper care you deserve! Choose Delta Care! Visit our website now! Please sign up to our email list to receive our latest newsletter and read more about aged care or care services at our care home or facility.


Who is eligible for aged care plan?

Anyone 65 years older and above that needs medical health assistance and aged care service can take part in their care plan.

When would a care plan need to be changed?

If any part of the care plan no longer meets the care needs of the elderly in any way.
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