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Dementia Care

Living with a family member with dementia can be overwhelming. As each day progresses, the challenges become more and more difficult for both the patient and the carer. With dementia symptoms such as memory loss, comprehension, orientation, families need all the help to support the elderly. Even with a positive, realistic attitude, dementia requires the necessary special care.

Here at Delta Care Melbourne Australia, we apply a person-centred approach for aged patients with dementia and other related disorders. We believe in improving the quality of life of the elderly. If you or your loved one living with dementia require professional help, no need to search elsewhere as you’re already in good hands with Delta Care.

What is dementia?

Dementia isn’t a one-time thing that patients go through one moment and recover from the next. Most of the time, people with dementia live with a range of health conditions. Dementia mainly affects a patient’s daily movements, behaviour, and memory. 

A person with dementia experiences the following symptoms:

Changes in personality


Inability to perform everyday tasks

Memory lapses or progressive loss of memory

Social isolation


Why Choose Specialised Dementia Care in Aged Care Facilities

Dementia can place overwhelming pressure on the persons affected and their families. Staying at home may not be practical, but there are many different ways to receive dementia care and support.

When you choose a specialised dementia care in an aged care home like Delta Care, both the patient and the people living with dementia can gain from its benefits:

With enabling environments, friendly carers, and the best facilities, many care homes have a better understanding of translating the physical space of people living with dementia.

A family who wants their elderly loved ones with dementia to keep their sense of independence can trust professional services provided by aged care facilities.

In addition to having access to top-notch resources and professional advice, a person with dementia will find staying in a care centre a caring and pleasant experience.

Specific Care and Services Offered at Delta Care

Whether you’re caring for someone living with dementia or for people living with dementia, we understand how worrying it can be thinking of the future. We are here to be your guiding hand, providing you with special support. To ensure that the quality of life of every resident is at its best, our carers have undergone training to provide professional dementia care and services that meet individual resident requirements.

Our full range of care and services is individualised for every person with dementia whom we welcome to our centre:

Eligibility and Application Process

The Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) makes recommendations for government-funded care and support, including aged care homes, short-term options, and home care services for elderly people with dementia in Australia. An eligible person has to go through a face-to-face assessment with the local ACAT to apply for these services. Likewise, you can ask the National Dementia Helpline to ask for other recommendations.

Don’t search elsewhere; we’ll walk you through the process:

Why Choose Delta Care

We take pride in providing the best quality care for the elderly living with dementia:

At the core of every carer service we provide is our philosophy to serve with encouragement, kindness, respect, and compassion.

Our carers not only have formal training but also the commitment to serve residents with the utmost professionalism, providing them with warmth and comfort throughout their stay.

Apart from our resources, you can find Delta Care surrounded by wonderful flora, a homely environment for quality life.

Over the years, we have helped families and people with dementia and we want to continue giving support to an elderly person in the neighbourhood and surrounding areas.


To learn more about Delta Care's dementia care, contact us today.

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