Residential Respite Care for Elderly Persons in Melbourne

Here at Delta Care, we understand that taking a short break is beneficial for a person’s well-being. If respite is what you need, our accommodation and services for elderly persons will provide the necessary care that they deserve, all while giving you peace of mind.

For whom is

residential respite care?

Residential respite care is ideal for:

Elderly people whose carer needs to go on a break

Elderly people who can't find a full-time carer

Elderly people planning for residential aged care due to health reasons

Aged patient who have been hospitalised and need support while recovering

For Whom is Residential Respite Care | My Delta Care

For the carer and the aged patient who both deserve a break but don’t know what options are available, residential respite care may be the right option. A brief stay in an aged care facility provides the aged patient with round-the-clock support while the carer takes a break from the duties of taking care of the elderly.

Services Involved

Residential respite care supports elderly persons in need of looking after. It gives short-term help and care solutions for seniors who need it most.

We provide a wide range of services for our senior residents including:

Respite care services can be used for elderly people transitioning from a hospital stay before moving either into their own homes or to permanent aged care home. Respite care is also a way to trial residential aged care living and help your loved one transition to home care as residents.

A short stay in an aged care home gives an older person the opportunity to foster connections with other residents and care providers. It makes them feel part of a nurturing community.

Are you thinking about aged care plans for your loved ones?

Why opt for respite care?

Most aged care homes offer a range of respite services, including hourly, day, or overnight respite. The support that you require dictates the type of respite care you can avail of. We can arrange a safe and comfortable stay for elderly loved ones receiving care and for an elderly person who needs support. 

If you could use some looking after or if you simply want to take a break, our care respite centre is open. Should you decide to take a break, you can choose from our various respite options, whichever suits your needs.

How to Apply Residential Respite Care | My Delta Care

How to Apply


Is respite care offered in all aged care homes?

Not all aged care homes offer respite care. But many homes offer it if they have available rooms.

What are the fees for respite care?

As a residential respite resident, you are charged the basic daily fee, which is determined by the Australian Government. The fee is set at 85% of the single person rate of the basic age pension. There is no booking fee.

If you think you could use some looking after but you’re unable to hire a carer, residential respite care may be your best option. You don’t have to search elsewhere as our centre-based health programs can cater to different clients. 

Let Delta Care provide you with the care you deserve. You can go over a quick search at our services, or contact us for more information.

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