Dementia Friendly Communities: Programs to Build Understanding

Dementia is most prevalent in the elderly population(65-year-olds and above). Australia has about 16% of their population in the age range of over 65. This puts them among the top 50 countries with the oldest populations in the world.

The Australian government has invested resources to see communities become dementia-friendly communities. As a result, many peak bodies have been set up to this effect.

Programs to Help Bring Awareness and Acceptance of Dementia in the Community

Many local businesses offer programs to people living with dementia. One of the oldest in the country, Dementia Australia, has launched several programs that equip communities with resources to become dementia-friendly communities.

Living with Dementia Program

Living with Dementia Program is a dementia-friendly program that provides information and resources on what to do after being diagnosed with the illness, including how to deal with the effects and health implications.

Social Support Program

Social Support Program designed to keep patients active and social in dementia-friendly communities, this is a proven way to support the patient’s health and memory. This gives also the staff a respite.

If you are in Victoria (VIC), Australia, you can also look for Delta Care which offers respite care services and other information, such as training resources for improving the lives of people living with dementia.

Dementia advocates program

Dementia Advocates Program provides the opportunity for the businesses, staff, or patients to become advocates. They participate in the spread of awareness and understanding, thus creating dementia-friendly communities.

Why is a dementia-friendly program important in your community?

Why is a dementia-friendly program important in your community? | My Delta Care

We need to make it easier for patients to live comfortably. In a dementia-friendly environment, there are programs particularly crafted to help communities get more information on how to understand people living with dementia.

There are over 472,000 Australians who live with this illness. 

Therefore dementia-friendly communities are necessary to properly take care of these patients.

Here’s why these programs are important.

Goals of a Dementia Friendly Community

Goals of a Dementia Friendly Community Dementia Friendly Communities | My Delta Care
To understand people with dementia

This includes their health requirements and behavioral patterns.

To make them feel safe and involved

It helps them to keep calm and composed, which is vital to their mental stability.

To look after them and make them feel loved

It always feels good to be loved. It may even trigger happy memories.

To support them

They need it more than just about anyone else.


Building a dementia-friendly community is not just the government’s responsibility. It does not take much more than having a little compassion.

We invite you to be a part of making our local communities dementia-friendly that support people living with dementia.

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