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You’re probably one of those looking into ways to learn more about dementia. Still, you are prevented by the pandemic from attending workshops, training, and face-to-face classes.


Luckily, you can take online courses that can help you learn more about dementia. 

This page offers a list of training courses to help you support people with dementia or learn more about the condition.

List of Online Dementia Training Courses in Australia

Here is a list of online courses which are mostly available for free. Click on the title course to know more information.

Basic Courses

Explains specific types of dementia from the ground up to people giving home care or living with people with dementia.  

The University of Tasmania provides university-quality education on the latest information about dementia; it is designed for mental health professionals and people at the early stage of the disease. 

Focuses on teaching you about people who experience dementia under 65 

Focused Courses

Person-centred care at night for people living with dementia on residential care settings. 

Teaches you a practical and knowledgeable approach to recognizing, diagnosing, and managing dementia in general practice.

Explores ways in which community pharmacies could improve their ability to meet family carers of people living with dementia needs.

Highlights issues that older people with dementia have regarding sleeping.

Raises your awareness and understanding the actions of a person with dementia and the related treatments.

Caring for People with Dementia

This course is a Dementia Training Australia (DTA) course funded by the Australian government. You will learn the essentials of providing support to those with dementia and learning to communicate with them in positive ways.

Focuses more on caring for people with dementia and learning to converse with them. The first course is available for free, but the next three classes will cost you 15 AUD. 

If you are living with people with dementia, this course is for you. It will teach you the importance of keeping track of what people with dementia should eat and how they or you should manage their health. (10 AUD)

This course is a brief 10-dollar course that will teach you how a hospital treats its patients with dementia and the quality of support and service. 

Other Courses

Equips health professionals and volunteers with the knowledge and skills necessary to establish, lead, and sustain a carer support group.

This online class explores creative solutions and ideas in engaging and connecting with people living with dementia, considering social distancing and other COVID-19 restrictions.

This virtual class would teach you how to adapt to the pandemic when helping people with dementia.

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