History and Philosophy

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Delta Care has a long and rich history. Throughout the years, we have reached incredible milestones with the help and unending support of our dedicated and passionate staff management and medical professionals. This remarkable work ethic combined with our philosophy allows us to deliver the highest level of care and services for our residents.


HISTORY History and Philosophy | My Delta Care
HISTORY History and Philosophy | My Delta Care

Formerly known as St. Winifred’s Private Nursing Home, Delta Care has been helping aged care residents since the 1980s.

It was founded by Mr Eric Chin and Mrs Ligaya Chin, who has been passionate about improving the quality of life of every aged care resident. 

In 2005, we opened a new facility on our current site in Templestowe and became Delta Care Aged Care. At that time, we only had 50 beds available for residents. Thanks to our hardworking team, we were able to provide our aged care residents the right treatment and care they deserve.

From there, we have never stopped improving and developing our methods and approach. In 2017, we have achieved another successful milestone with the addition of a facility extension. This has increased our capacity to 83 beds. We have also renovated our function areas, including rooms, dining area, lounge and kitchens.

The goal is to create a friendly and relaxing atmosphere for everyone. And today, we’re proud to offer a world-class aged care facility!

Vision, Mission and Philosophy of Care

Our Vision

Our vision is to become a leader in the aged care industry by providing premium services through effective management by a dedicated professional team. We focus on helping our residents and their families go through every process. Delta Care also puts higher value on all our staff members as they are the backbone to our successful journey.

Our Mission

The management and staff are committed to providing the highest level of Aged Care services, which consistently meet residents/ relatives specified needs and expectations. In line with this, we are collaborating to create more health and wellness programs that ensure an optimal quality of life.

Our staff also regularly evaluate our methods and approach for further improvement. We follow documented processes that comply with the requirements of current Department of Social Services accreditation standards.

We believe that we can only measure success by:

Adaptability: We aim to provide the highest level of care and services through our versatility. Our staff management should quickly respond to any changes in our resident’s needs and requirements.

Improvement: Delta Care believes that there’s always a room for improvement. With this in mind, we conduct thorough team assessment, staff training and motivation programs. This on-going process allows us to further develop our aged care services.

Compliance: We make sure all our staff, nurses and medical professionals comply with the standard protocols and policy we implement.

Evaluation: We regularly investigate our system to determine which methods or approaches are working and highlight the areas that need immediate action.

Additionally, we expect and encourage all our staff members to actively participate in the implementation and maintenance of the Management System. This systematic approach and multidisciplinary behaviour among our team play a vital role in Delta Care’s reputation for high-quality service.

Philosophy and Value

Delta Care’s philosophy is to improve the quality of life of every resident. We believe that the best way to achieve this is through unending encouragement and treating them with kindness and compassion. In addition, we make sure to always uphold their dignity, privacy and comfort while conducting the administration and provision of services in the highest professional manner.

With more than 4 decades of providing aged care services, Delta Care binds itself on these core values:

Leadership: Our staff management practices great leadership. We maintain a team approach within each and every operational area of the facility. The goal is to facilitate others to make a positive difference on both personal and career growth.

Integrity: We practise complete honesty and integrity to all our residents and their families. Our staff will always keep them in the loop with every progress or concerns.

Kindness: One of our goals is to create a family-like environment within the facility. This is why we always keep a positive and kindly approach.

Excellence: While we are committed to providing the highest level of aged care services, we’re still able to create a home-like ambience for both our residents and staff.

Compassion: Here, we treat everyone with compassion and the utmost respect. This is one of the reasons many residents love living in Delta Care.

So, are you looking for the right aged care facility you can call home? At Delta Care, you’re always more than welcome! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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