Become an Aged Carer or Support Worker at Delta Care

If you’re looking to work with a passionate and dynamic team of aged carers, then Delta Care is the right place for you! From personal and career development to a positive workplace culture, we have dozens of opportunities waiting for you!

Why Work with Delta Care

We value every member of our team. We believe that their contribution and unending support is the reason for every successful milestone we have achieved. Our culture and positive attitude are some of the reasons many people love to work with us.

Here’s what to expect when you join our team:

Personal & Career Development

We conduct staff training and orientation to help you develop and improve your skills. We also have programs that will help you build your career in aged care—whether clinical or non-clinical positions.

Good Compensation

All our staff members are well compensated. We can also offer a good range of special rates on health insurance products and services.

Flexible Working Hours

We promote a good work-life balance. We believe this can help our team members work at their best. In line with this, we will do our best to determine the best work schedule that suits you.

Counselling Service

Our counselling program is open for everyone in the facility. You can schedule an appointment with our professional counsellor and discuss your personal or work concerns.


When you join our team, expect a collaborative work environment. This is a good opportunity for anyone to share their concerns or make recommendations to further improve our methods and approach.

Are you thinking about aged care plans for your loved ones?

Aged Care Worker Duties and Responsibilities

At Delta Care, we expect our aged carers to strictly comply with our work guidelines. They need to perform their duties and responsibilities at their best. These include the following:

For Whom is Residential Respite Care | My Delta Care

Provide our residents with assistance from their daily tasks and routine, such as proper hygiene and grooming, meal preparations and eating and using the restroom.

Keep all care records organised under company policy.

Stay active or participate in daily group or individual activities.

Quickly respond to any safety or emergency concerns.

Build rapport with residents by showing compassion or establishing personal connections with them.

Communicate any problems, concerns or issues to the staff management or the resident’s relatives whenever necessary.

Ensure all residents take medications accordingly as directed by their attending physician or medical professionals.

Work with Us!

Delta Care is committed to maintain the standard of excellence in all services and to provide the highest level of aged care. In line with this, our staff members ensure to treat all our residents with respect, kindness and compassion. We will also respect their privacy and principles to let them live the life they deserve.

Our team members provide services in the areas of:

Nursing Care

Catering Services

Cleaning Services

Laundry, including personal clothing

Activities program

To learn more about our aged care career opportunities, please send your updated resume and cover letter to:

Delta Care
1 Chivers Road, Templestowe, VIC 3106

Telephone: +61 9846 4900
Facsimile: +61 9846 4911

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