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Live your worry-free senior life to the fullest with our allied health services.

It’s time to make your life well as you continue the journey in your golden years. 

But with all the things that you have to prepare, can you take care of all of them? You don’t want to end up with inexperienced health care staff or incomplete allied health services, right? Most importantly, you don’t want to compromise your retirement plans by spending more than what’s needed on your health care plan.

With that, you need to search for the right community that can provide excellent services. That is what we’re offering at Delta Care—a haven for seniors to live safely and independently in Australia.

But we are not just an ordinary aged care facility. With a proven track record of facility management and practice, we also offer allied health services that will benefit our residents.

Our Specialised Allied Health Services and Therapies

Our qualified allied health professionals handle every resident with care and warmth. They are available for any service including proper assessment and treatment, information, and support for any health concerns.

Upon request, we may arrange the services of these allied health professionals to help and resolve related issues:


An audiologist examines hearing impairment and fits hearing devices for the residents. He or she can also provide additional information to manage any hearing issues.

Dietitians and Nutritionists

The creation of specific nutrition programs and regular monitoring of nutritional strategies can be done by professional dietitians together with another allied health workforce within the community.

Prosthetists and Orthotists

Qualified health professionals can assist any resident who needs specific assistance in terms of mobility and general movements. They can also monitor existing devices worn by a resident.

Art Therapists

Therapy programs and education plans made by art therapists can help residents especially those with dementia.


A radiographer can help diagnose a resident's condition in different ways, which include x-rays, CT scans, ultrasounds, and MRIs.

Act and Drama Therapists

To attain therapeutic goals, these allied health professionals use drama and theatre processes as an avenue for seniors to tell their stories, express their emotions, resolve problems, and even set their goals.

Operating Department Practitioners

To assist in any medical operation needs, our operating department practitioners can assist in anything required for the surgery and recovery of any resident including another specific service.

Speech and Language Therapists

These allied health professionals in Australia can assist any resident should they require special services when it comes to speech and swallowing.

Music Therapists

An active and experiential allied health therapy assisted by a music therapist makes use of tunes and sounds for an individual to cope with his or her physical, emotional, mental, and social needs.

Orthoptists and Optometrist

For Australian residents with vision impairments, these professionals will help correct the issues and manage the treatment as necessary.


In the case of critical emergencies in the location, the experienced paramedic can provide advanced medical care for the residents before and/or after hospitalization.


Together with a trained team of other trained people in the team, a psychologist can assist any resident with their mental health requirements.

Are you thinking about aged care plans for your loved ones?

Why Choose Delta Care?

The health and wellness of every resident is our top priority. That is why we at Delta Care make sure that they get these benefits at the comforts of our facility.

Assisted daily living

Professional health care providers are available 24/7 to help the residents.

High quality of life

Our staff and health practitioners are trained to help our residents live their lives to the fullest. They help us assess, plan, and execute interventions that promote healthy ageing.

Health care priority

Our customised allied health services are perfect for your needs. We offer rehabilitative care to support, maintain or develop functional ability and strength of our residents.

Whether you need any allied health services in Australia, we have the right services for your needs.

What are you waiting for? Contact us today!

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Are your health therapy services subsidised by the government? What if the practitioner provides an additional therapy including those that are not included in the terms of the subsidy? Where can I find more information on this?

For those who are eligible for government subsidies, our team's role is to assist the patient with his or her program. This can range from mental and medical programs to other complementary services. For more information on the term and conditions of government subsidies, please contact our office today.

How many days does it take to book an appointment for allied health practitioners in Australia?

Requests for health practitioners to visit the nursing home may vary according to your care plan and schedule. For more information, kindly talk to our care staff about the specific details.

What if the specific care plans for residents include more than one complementary therapy? Can the management and care staff arrange for the necessary programs?

Yes, we can accommodate more than one complementary therapy and other specific services. As for the management of the care plan, our team also helps arrange the programs based on the advice of the practitioner.

I don't have a specific practitioner in mind. Can you help me search for a private practice across Australia? Or do you require for the search of medical and mental health providers to be within the location of the facility?

Preferably, the people working in your programs should be close to our location. But if the practitioner providing the best service is not close to the facility, we will provide advice accordingly. Our team can also continue to update the range of our search from time to time.
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