Complementary Therapies for Every Elderly Need

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There is growing evidence based on studies that aged care complementary therapies enhance the quality of life

Many service providers may overpromise making you pay for costly under-delivered services. So you need an established community offering complementary therapies at their best.

At Delta Care, our mission is to provide a fulfiling stay. We can readily arrange additional complementary therapies for elders past the age of 65.

Complementary Therapies at Delta Care

Complementary therapies are medical therapies and health care practices that assist conventional medical remedies. It’s known in various terms: complementary medicine, alternative therapy, and holistic therapy, at times, traditional medical treatment. 

At Delta Care, complementary therapies are available upon arrangement.

Aroma Therapy Complementary Therapies | My Delta Care


The scent of essential oils relieves stress and promotes better health to cancer patients and the elderly.

Reminiscence Therapy

This complementary therapy takes advantage of the senses. Residents with dementia and cancer are given various objects to recall memories.

Music Therapy

As treatment for cancer patients and the elderly, residents listen to music or play instruments. Music therapy may elevate the mood of cancer patients and other residents.

Doll Therapy

This complementary therapy may fill the emotional needs especially for people with dementia and cancer.

Art Therapy

Through the use of art materials, residents can express their thoughts and emotions.

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Pet Therapy

Studies show that animals help cancer patients and the elderly. Having a pet in the facility is especially helpful for elderly people with cancer or dementia.

Bowen Therapy

This therapy uses the gentle stretching of the fascia to treat any discomfort.


By manipulating the body's soft tissues, the residents may get a sense of relaxation.

Meditation and yoga

There are many types of meditation and yoga, which include mindfulness exercises and other guided activities.

Tai chi

Tai Chi is a Chinese exercise involving slow body movements and deep breaths.


Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese technique that uses very thin needles in strategic places of the body.

Acupuncture Complementary Therapies | My Delta Care

Reasons for Using Complementary Therapies

Complementary therapy revolves around the concept of holistic healing, hence it’s used by many seniors in Australia. Here are more reasons why complementary therapies benefit the aged:

Complementary therapies may help you achieve holistic health throughout your golden years

For some, alternative therapies are used instead of conventional cancer treatment and other kinds of medicine because it offers less harsh side effects

Many people want to try the health benefits of Chinese medicine and alternative medicine used in place of the common ones

Choose holistic health at Delta Care

Although there is less evidence to support the use and benefits of these kinds of therapies, two-thirds of Australians often used complementary therapies as an additional cancer treatment, or as part of general health plan.

Further studies are still being conducted to support the claims of benefits when complementary therapies are used independently or as a partner of conventional medical treatments to reduce side effects.

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How will complementary therapy help people with cancer and other ailments?

Use complementary therapies as additional health therapy for cancer, without the use of standard medicine. It promotes mind-body connection when it comes to healing cancer.

Will it have side effects?

Health professionals will be consulted before any activity is carried out to reduce possible negative side effects of any cancer or general therapy.

Can this be considered a good alternative for conventional therapies?

Although some people may consider complementary therapies as alternative therapies, it is an additional treatment used alongside conventional medicine for cancer and other illnesses.

Does a resident need a doctor’s prescription for complementary and alternative therapies?

In special circumstances, a doctor’s prescription may be needed before a resident gets involved in any alternative therapies. Also, to pay respect to the residents, the staff consults them first.
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