Professional (mobile) Hairdressers Visit Our Delta Care Residents

Our residents benefit from appointment-based hairdresser services that visit our facilities regularly.

As our residents enjoy their well earned retirement, they deserve a treat now and again. It doesn’t have to be the usual things you had before. It can be a simple salon service at our home care facility to help them look good and feel great. 

Remember the time when you got the perfect bob? How about when you had a great conversation with a stylist and other people while getting your beard trimmed? It’s time to experience that feeling again in the comforts of your home.

At Delta Care, every resident can embrace beauty and style with our mobile hairdresser for seniors. With qualified beauticians, everyone could live their twilight years in style.

No need to go outside too! The certified stylist visits our facility community every week to make it convenient and comfortable for the residents.

Salon For the Men and Women

A great salon experience is only an appointment away. Our very own resident seniors enjoy these services within the community. The visiting hairstylist also brings the tools for the various services, so all you need to do is relax and enjoy the experience at home.

The mobile hairdressers offer the following services for a variety of prices:

Hair Colouring

Have you always wanted to try highlights? How about a change in hair colour? The visiting stylists may work to make it happen for you.


There’s a perfect haircut for everyone. Try a different length or cut today! The hairdressing specialist can work on any cut and style according to your preference.

Hair Styling

Fancy a new way of wearing your hair for a little makeover experience? You’re just a service away from the hairstyle that you want. The certified mobile hairdresser may also suggest styles that suit you if you don’t have a preference yet.

Shampoo and Blow Drying

Pamper yourself with a shampoo and blow-dry session at home facility. Achieve that hair shine and volume through this service with mobile hairdressers.

Scalp Massage

Give your hair follicles some tender, loving care with a scalp massage at home. Take away the stress of the week as you remove the dead skin cells from your scalp.

Mobile Hairdressing for men and women Mobile Hairdresser for Seniors | My Delta Care

Are you thinking about aged care plans for your loved ones?

Special Mobile Hairdressing Services for Senior Residence of Delta Care


Do you have to attend an event? Or you just want to feel great while wearing makeup? Regardless of your reason, mobile hairdresser can work on your preferred style.


A hair perm never goes out of style for the seniors. But if you're only looking for touch-ups to your curls, professional stylists can tend to your needs too.

Hair Highlights

Get a highlight (or a lowlight) to feel youthful and bright at home. No one can stop the elderly person from looking good.

Beard Trimming and Grooming

It’s time to get your top line, lip line, and base line of facial hair in line.

Aging with Style at Delta Care

There is no reason to give up on looks and grooming even as you age. Looking good to feel good should not stop as you reach the golden years. Instead, personal care should be taken to another level.

And here at Delta Care, we don’t just take care of our residents’ health, but we also care about how they present themselves to the world. That is why we arranged for hairdressers to visit our facility every week. 

All that needs to be done now is to book the stylists and enjoy the experience. 

Do you need more information about the hairdresser service? Talk to our staff or give us a call now! 


What are the steps to prevent allergies in the elderly from hair products?

Hair care products are thoroughly checked by the hairdressers to ensure that it’s safe for seniors and the other people around. For hair colouring and other hairdressing services at home, a skin test may also be conducted to avoid allergies.

Can I provide my preferred hair products at home and suggest them to the mobile hairdresser?

Yes, totally. If a senior resident wants to provide his or her preferred product, like shampoo or makeup, the mobile hairdressers can accommodate it.

Can the hairdresser follow a specific style even if it's done at home?

The visiting hairdresser can follow numerous styles in haircuts, colouring, beard trimming, and other services. When booking an appointment, the senior resident may give prior instructions to the team for reference too.

How long will it take to set an appointment?

To set an appointment with the hairdresser, you just have to talk to any Delta Care staff. They can help set up the schedule for every resident. The staff will also inform the senior resident for confirmation.

Where can I find the pricing for each hair care service? Can I get a special pricing plan for specific service requests?

The pricing for each service is posted on the main notice board. If there are specific services requested by the resident, like a specific haircut length or shampoo service at home, the staff can ask the hairdressing staff for an updated quote.
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