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Keeping Our Residents on Their Feet

Due to old age, bone strength may weaken and tissues become thinner, which can affect your overall mobility. Older people are more prone to these problems. They deal with feet-related conditions and injuries. According to the Australian Podiatry Association, foot health problems affect one in four older people, with forefoot pain affecting two-thirds. 

That is why foot health is one of Delta Care‘s focal points in aged care services. And as a testament to that, the aged care facilities of Delta Care in Australia provide quality aged care podiatry service. 

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Podiatry - Why It Is Essential for Aged Care

Addressing the foot’s health needs is essential in improving the quality of life of our aged care residents. A healthy foot will keep elders mobile and active. 

That is why our aged care podiatry services include the assessment and treatment of problems with skin, nails, bones, and other possible health complications.

Weakening Bones, Joints, And Tendons

Due to the weak bones and thin tissues caused by ageing, many structural changes in the foot need management and treatment. Below are some of the most common ailments we should monitor:

Skin Changes

Due to ageing, the skin loses its elasticity, moisture, and fat padding, becoming prone to tearing and infection. Since the feet is one of the most used skin parts, it’s more vulnerable to damages. Elders may develop rashes, dry skin, and even eczema.

Skin Changes Aged Care Podiatry Services | My Delta Care

Nail Problems

Due to a lack o flexibility or mobility, elders may not be able to take care of their nails. With this in mind, they are more susceptible to ingrown toenails and fungal infections.

Unbalanced Foot Pressure

Due to weakening bones and tissues, elders may have unbalanced pressure that can lead to pain and permanent foot deformation.

Unbalanced Foot Pressure Aged Care Podiatry Services | My Delta Care

Complications Due To Diabetes

Elders with diabetes have a hard recovering from wounds. A diabetic person’s wound can turn into a foot ulcer, which, if left untreated, can cause permanent physical damage.

Complications Due to Diabetes Aged Care Podiatry Services | My Delta Care

Are you thinking about aged care plans for your loved ones?

Podiatry - What We Do

Licensed podiatrists visit our aged care facility every 6 to 8 weeks to provide excellent health services to residents. Every podiatrist has passed all the government requirements, so you can be confident that your aged loved ones are given proper care and support. 

In our aged care facility, you will find amenities and equipment ready for podiatry services, and our team is composed of staff members trained to deliver top-notch podiatry support.

Our free aged care podiatry service starts by conducting an assessment. During assessments, the podiatrist will gather and access the information below. 

  • Medical History
  • Vascular Assessment
  • Sensory Assessment
  • Risk Levels
  • Medical Advice
  • Professional Referral

After a thorough assessment, the podiatrist will then create a care plan and program for the residents. The care plan of each resident depends on their podiatry needs. For severe cases, we can also refer the best specialists or doctors.

Day-by-day, the care plan made for residents is strictly implemented and monitored by every staff member of the team.

Due to their limited mobility, elders can't cut and care for their nails. That is why our aged care podiatry services include excellent nail care service.

Staff members of our care team have specialised training in nail care preventive maintenance and hygienic measures for the feet—which prevents fungal growth, calluses, ingrown toenails, and dry skin.

Aged people are prone to bacteria. In line with this, we make sure each of our team and staff members follow the standard precautions and hygienic program.

These podiatry guidelines will help prevent the transfer of infections around the community of the nursing home facility. Below are some of them:

  • Hand hygiene practices
  • Use of personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Safe injection and medication management
  • Environmental cleaning and disinfection
  • Cleaning, disinfecting, and sterilising reusable medical devices

Since elders are prone to wounds, our aged care podiatry services provide diagnosis, prevention, and treatment to the wounds of elders residing in Emerald Terrace's nursing home.

Our podiatry service pays special attention to those who have diabetes. Since they have special needs when it comes to healing wounds, if left untreated, foot ulcers may develop that can cause permanent damage to the feet.

Live a healthier life with the help of our medical professionals

If you’re still looking for the ideal home for your elders, Delta Care is your go-to place!

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