Specialised Aged Care Physiotherapy in Melbourne, AU

Moving Aged Ones To A Fit And Healthy Lifestyle

Due to old age, the mobility of our loved ones becomes hindered. Lost or limited mobility can be due to several underlying factors. If left unattended, it can cause physical pain and mental harm, especially to elderly residents with an active lifestyle. So it’s best to get medical help from a physiotherapist to maintain the health of our aged loved ones.

Delta Care understands the physio need of our elderly residents, and that is why we have specialised aged care physiotherapy programmes and services. Also, the residential aged care facilities of Delta Care in Melbourne Australia are well-equipped to provide top-notch physiotherapy service.  

Physiotherapy - Our Approach And Process For Aged Care

We take a comprehensive and person-centred approach to physiotherapy in aged care. Our qualified physiotherapists will ensure that residents get a full examination and receive the best care possible.

From assessment, implementation, and management of your physio needs, the staff members of our team will always be available to help you.

Physical Health Assessment And Care Plans

A comprehensive health assessment plays a vital role in aged care physiotherapy. It helps determine the correct type of treatment needed and if there is a need to be referred to other specialists. Our physio assessment has three essential components.

These are:

Our physiotherapists use these components as limitations in the thorough analysis of aged people. After an evaluation of aged care physio components, our resident physiotherapist will then create a care plan for the nursing home residents. 

Physical Health Assessment And Care Plans Aged Care Physiotherapy | My Delta Care

Care Plan Implementation

Our physiotherapists, along with staff members of our team, will carefully implement the aged care plans made for our nursing home residents. A well-implemented care plan will give notable results in a set amount of time. 

Although challenging, our well-equipped facility and skilled staff are capable of working with aged people that have overlapping health conditions—our work values below drive our mindset during the aged care plan implementation.

Pain Management

Chronic pain affects the quality of life of elderly people-it hinders their independence, mobility, and social life. That is why pain management and manual handling is an essential part of aged care physiotherapy.

To manage pain, a physiotherapist does manual handling services such as therapeutic massage and the use of approved pain managing equipment. 

And as recommended by Australia’s Department of Health, our aged care facilities are equipped with pain management equipment below. 


Due to an elder’s weak constitution, they are prone to diseases and accidents that can cause them physical injury and loss of mobility.

To restore their bodily functions and give them a new start, injured elders need physiotherapy rehabilitation as part of aged care services. 

We have qualified a physiotherapist with a wealth of experience managing different rehabilitation programmes. Our physio team of experts ensure our services can help every resident in our aged care facility.  

Are you thinking about aged care plans for your loved ones?

How our Physiotherapy Programme Can Help You

Our aged care physiotherapy programmes can help your aged loved ones develop an active lifestyle, which will help them gain strength and encourage new healthy habits.

Pain Relief

One of the most common benefits of aged care physiotherapy is pain relief. The common pain points of an aged person are the neck, back, and joints, which are often due to weak muscles, constrained blood flow, and an inactive lifestyle. As elders continue to work on their healthy lifestyle, their muscles become stronger, and blood circulation improves, which alleviates the causes of their body pains.

Safe Exercise

Exercise is an essential part of physiotherapy in aged care. In our aged care facilities, elders with heart problems, weak bones, and other complications can safely exercise under the care of qualified physiotherapists.


Strength and Stability Improvement

Aged care physiotherapy services improve the balance of elders. This will help reduce their chance of slipping and falling, which are common for seniors. According to Australian government statistics, 75% of senior hospitalisations are due to falling.


Mental Health Improvement

Due to the active lifestyle and pain relief brought by physiotherapy services, aged people become happier—also, endorphins released from exercise help in alleviating depression. Want the best residential aged care service available for your aged loved ones? Contact us now!

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