Best Accommodation for Our Aged Care Residents in Melbourne

Because we truly care for the people you care about

We understand that moving to an aged care facility is one of the toughest decisions. This is why we’re doing our best to provide the best accommodation services for both our residents and their relatives, as well.

Throughout the decades, Delta Care has never stopped making improvements with our facility. With the combined efforts of our passionate staff and medical professionals, we have come up with different programs and amenities for all our aged care residents.

From the location’s accessibility and vibrant environment to world-class facilities and state-of-the-art medical equipment, Delta Care never fails to provide the best aged care services!

The Ideal location for a Perfect Home

Sitting at one of the most peaceful and exclusive suburbs of Templestowe, we can ensure that anyone would feel at home right before they even reach our front door. Enjoy the magnificent views of evergreen gardens and home-like ambience. There are also a plethora of fun and learning activities awaiting for you!

Accommodation Features

Delta Care offers comprehensive aged care services, including residential, respite, dementia, and palliative care. We have a passionate team who work closely with medical professionals. They have a wealth of experience—not only in providing the right treatment but also in making our residents feel more comfortable.

Here’s what you can expect from our accommodation:

Amenities & Environment

We have a spacious lounge and elegant dining areas where family and friends can relax and enjoy the company of their loved ones.

We have indoor and outdoor entertainment areas. These amenities can also encourage our aged care residents to socialise or interact with others.

We also have WiFi access for everyone in the facility. Residents can communicate with their families or friends online as they wish.

We promote a family-like environment for all our residents. The camaraderie among our staff creates a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

Room features

We have comfortable bedrooms with private ensuite.

We also offer rooms for couples.

We have entertainment and communication devices in all rooms. These include Television, Foxtel and telephone ports.

All rooms are equipped with air conditioning or ceiling fans and heating.

All rooms have call-to-bell access so our registered nurses and experienced carers can quickly respond to residents.

Individual rooms fitted with quality décor and elegant furniture and fittings

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Accommodation Service Inclusions

Going Beyond a Traditional Aged Care Facility

With more than 40 years in the industry, Delta Care has built a strong and spotless reputation for providing top-notch aged care services. Since then, our team has continued putting more efforts to develop and improve our methods and approach. This extensive experience combined with our passion to help others is our strength and binding force for all the challenges we have overcome.

So far, these are the service inclusions we offer to our residents:

Lifestyle & Activities

At Delta Care, there’s more to giving the right medical treatment plan. We also value our resident’s personal development and overall wellness. This is why we offer a diverse range of individual, group and community focussed activities. We have created different programs that will give them opportunities to continue their passion or learn new things. Each program is tailored to individual needs, interests or preferences.

Here are some of the fun and interactive activities you can choose from:

Arts and craft

Active games

Musical groups and entertainment

Sensory stimulation


Film viewing

Educational trips

Religious services

Social sharing

Catering Services

Proper nutrition is an integral part of health and wellness. Here, our caterers work together with other departments. They create meal plans and nutrition programmes based on the residents’ needs.

Our catering department also boasts several awards for several years. This includes the 5 STAR Food Safety Award for three consecutive years. We have been accredited, as well for Food Safety Excellence. Since then, Delta Care’s catering department has started introducing new menus for numerous occasions, including the Cultural Day celebrations. 

Here’s what to look forward for from our catering services: 

Clothing & Laundry

At Delta Care, we promote personal development and proper hygiene. This is why we encourage all residents to be respectfully and fully dressed at all times. We have a free full laundry service, which usually includes the following:

Clothing & Laundry Accomodation | Emerald Terrace

Cleaning Services

A clean environment is essential to healthy living. In line with this, we always make sure the entire facility is clean and in order. We work with professional cleaning service providers. They are responsible for making sure our facility complies with the standards and protocols set by the authorities.

Our meticulous cleaning services include the following:

Types of Accommodation We Offer

We offer different types of accommodation. Each aged care type of service is tailored to suit specific needs and requirements. Feel free to browse the details below:

Low Care Accommodation

This is ideal for aged care residents with limited mobility. Generally, they only need assistance with daily tasks or routine, such as meal preparations, bedding, and basic grooming. Here’s what’s usually included in our low care accommodation services:

High Care Accommodation

High care accommodation is for residents who need full support or assistance with day-to-day activities. In addition to general aged care services, the high care accommodation also covers a direct supervision of a nursing staff or medical professionals. They should manage all medical requirements for the resident.
Nursing services in high care usually include the following:

Why Choose

Our Aged Care Accommodation?

At Delta Care, we put the needs of our aged care residents above everything else. Here, it’s not just about our facilities or the credentials of our staff and medical team. It’s also about the culture we have. From our residents to our staff management, we treat everyone with the utmost respect!

So, if you’re looking for an aged care facility that you can also call your home, you are more than welcome to come here. For more information, feel free to give us a call!

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