Best Aged Care Catering Services for Our Residents in Melbourne

Serving nutritious and delicious home-style meals

Proper diet is essential to a person’s overall health and wellness, especially for the elderly. This is why we’re doing our best to serve nutritious and delicious meals they can enjoy.

At Delta Care, our catering department won several awards in Australia. We have been accredited with an award for Food Safety Excellence and also received a 5 STAR Food Safety Award rating. Since then, our catering department has never stopped providing healthy meal options for our residents.

Features & Inclusions

Our Catering Service

Delta Care‘s catering team works closely with other aged care departments. They collaborate with medical professionals and nutritionists to ensure that the meals they serve complements each resident’s dietary needs.

Here’s what to expect from our catering staff:

If you have any concerns about the quality of food service that we provide, please feel free to speak to our aged care management. Our support team will provide assistance and solutions to make their stay comfortable. Search our website for our contact information.

Are you thinking about aged care plans for your loved ones?

Meal Times at Delta Care

Meal Times at My Delta Care Catering Services | My Delta Care

Delta Care provides solutions and catering services across all types of aged care. Mealtimes are scheduled at a set time to support every elderly’s nutritional needs. 

These include:

Our general catering menu consists of drinks and snacks provided for during:

Healthy eating contributes to physical health as well as memory and mental functions of seniors. At Delta Care, we provide quality catering services for every resident so they can enjoy their mealtimes. Our caterers are hands-on in preparing and serving a delicious dish tailored to specific health requirements.

Are you ready to move into your new home? At Delta Care, you’re more than welcome! Please search our website for more information.

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