Convenient Aged Care Laundry Services for our residents in Melbourne, AU

Taking care of your clothing and laundry while you rest

Maintaining cleanliness and proper grooming is essential to living a healthier lifestyle, especially for aged care home residents. Without precautions, viral infections and other diseases can spread in the facility. In addition to our vaccination programs and general cleaning routine, we also provide complete laundry services.

At Delta Care, Our laundry service ensures all residents have clean and comfortable clothing. We have washing machines, quality and organic detergents, and safety equipment. We can take care of your laundry or assist you if you want to do it as part of your daily routine.

Why leave your Clothing Items to Us

Like most healthcare facilities in Australia, cleanliness and proper grooming are important in our aged care home. We understand that handling stained, soiled, or infected laundry requires the right method. Here at Delta Care, our aged care laundry solutions are tailored to maintain the hygiene of our residents and the quality of their clothing items. These solutions allow us to promote their health and wellness.

Here’s what to expect from our laundry service:

We conduct a thorough infection control process to ensure our aged care residents are clean and safe. We also apply the same method for our aged care facilities.
We do not use harsh chemicals so our residents won't experience skin irritation.
Our dedicated laundry staff manages your items and follows an on-time system to ensure you get your items right when you need them.
Save yourself from time-consuming laundry activities.

Are you thinking about aged care plans for your loved ones?

How We Handle Your Clothing and Laundry

We offer a range of services to meet the individual needs of every resident. From the time of arrival to the delivery back to the resident’s room, we make sure to:

How We Handle your Clothing and Laundry Aged Care Laundry Services | My Delta Care

Here at Delta Care, we follow high laundry hygiene standards to ensure the health of our residents. We aim to provide you with aged care laundry solutions that meet your expectations. We try to improve the efficiency of our service by following commercial laundry washing management systems.


Do residents have to pay extra for this service?

Our full laundry service operates at no additional costs to all Delta Care residents.

What items do you wash?

Our laundry staff washes all laundry and clothing items that can be washed by a standard machine cycle and tumble dried. These include clothing made of cotton and linen, undergarments, linen bedding, bath towels, etc. Woollen clothing and other items that require special care need to be attended to by the resident's family.

Can I request labels for my clothing items?

Residents may order clothing labels on admission. Our laundry staff will then label clothing as required. (Note: There is a nominal charge for this service.)


For enquiries on our services, feel free to phone us at (03) 9846 4900 or send us an email at this email address:

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