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Stay active and live a healthier and happier lifestyle

Having a healthy and active lifestyle is vital to a person’s overall health and wellbeing, especially as we get older. You need to remain active to live a healthier life. The problem is not all aged care homes have enough programmes to encourage residents to participate in such exercises. And it’s also one of the reasons some people hesitate moving to aged care homes. 

If you’re looking for an aged care home that supports your passion and interest, Delta Care is the right place! Here, we truly care about your wellness. Our aged care staff prepares new lifestyle programmes tailored to fit your needs and preferences.

Why leisure and lifestyle activities are so important in aged care

Having the right lifestyle and physical activities is vital to a person’s physical health and wellness, especially for seniors. This can help prevent many degenerative conditions, such as dementiaAlzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

Our Approach to Leisure and Lifestyle Activities

At Delta Care, we have rehab programmes that support the development of our residents’ physical, emotional, and mental strength. Our aged care department works closely with qualified physical therapists and medical professionals. This collaboration allows us to create or find the best lifestyle activity in aged care. 

Here’s what to expect from our lifestyle activities aged care programmes:

Are you thinking about aged care plans for your loved ones?

Types of Leisure and Interests Based on Individual Needs

There are several individual and social care programmes we provide for the elderly. In case the resident cannot find something interesting from our current list, we are more than willing to create a new aged care programme or specialised activity they can enjoy.

Individual Aged Care Activities

We have individual sessions for the elderly. This is a good opportunity for us to know more about them. We take this chance to share some life experiences and ideas. Although we understand that some elders avoid social settings, we still try to make a connection with our residents through solo activities.


Here are some of the individual aged care programmes that may support their needs:

INDIVIDUAL AGED CARE ACTIVITIES Aged Care Activities & Lifestyle Programmes | My Delta Care

Group Aged Care Activities

We also organise numerous group activities. These aged care programmes can help boost our residents' social awareness. This is a good chance for them to get to know each other and participate in the community. So far, these are some of the aged care programmes that you may enjoy:

GROUP AGED CARE ACTIVITIES Aged Care Activities & Lifestyle Programmes | My Delta Care

Other Leisure Services

Our aged care team strives every day to create a friendly and home-like atmosphere. We don't just settle for what's currently working. Our aged care department goes above and beyond to continue improving our methods and approaches.


One of the reasons for our success in the aged care industry is that we're always ready to communicate, especially with our aged care residents and their relatives. The ideas we get from them allow us to improve our services and build the ideal home for everyone.

So far, here are some other leisure services we have as suggested by our aged care residents:

Library Service

Our aged care staff coordinates with the Manningham Council. They visit our facility every three weeks to conduct learning sessions. Additionally, their staff/team members provide some useful learning materials, such as books, manuals, magazines and DVDs. If you have any preference, you can talk directly to one of our staff members.

Private Phone & Foxtel

Reach out to your loved ones anytime you want. We can install a private phone connection to your room. Our staff can give you more information about the available packages for both phone and Foxtel. We also have Wi-Fi. Please reach out to our management for more information. If you have special requests or want to recommend new aged care programmes, you can talk directly to our aged care activities organiser.

Residents & Relatives Meeting

Living in an aged care home doesn't mean you should leave everything behind. At Delta Care, we believe that the biggest support residents can get is the presence of their family and friends. This is why we regularly hold gatherings so you can personally meet your loved ones.

This is also an opportunity for them to see your progress or how you cope up living in our facility.

Choosing the right aged care home for you or your loved ones is the most challenging decision. With so many options available, it can be confusing to find the right one for you.

If you’re searching for a facility that promotes a home-like environment, Delta Care is your best choice. Located at the exclusive residences and the most peaceful community of Templestowe, this could be your ideal home.

We specialise in a wide range of aged care services, including nursing careresidentialpalliative and dementia care. You may contact us now for more information about our aged care programs.

Residents & Relatives Meeting Aged Care Activities & Lifestyle Programmes | My Delta Care
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