Free Tech and Internet Help for Seniors in Melbourne, VIC

The world is moving to a more tech-driven global community, that staying updated on top of the ever-changing trends of technology has become more important to people of all ages.

Most seniors may find it challenging to learn new tech ideas, that is why they may not see its value in their lifestyle.

Why Seniors Need Tech and Internet

Why Seniors Need Tech and Internet Free Tech and Internet Help for Seniors | My Delta Care

The older you grow, the less mobile you become. This makes technology a need for seniors. It allows convenience and comfortability to help them accomplish what they need without having to move around. 

But with tech and internet help, seniors who are struggling with technological demands may be able to adapt to advanced technological conditions.

Challenges that Limit Seniors’ Use of Tech

Typically, seniors are not as adept with tech as younger people are. They are more likely to fall victim in this area. Here are a few examples.

1. Scamming and cybercrime

Some seniors fall for scams and cybercrimes. They target seniors who may be easily persuaded and may not find such scams conspicuous.

2. Physical constraints

Visual impairment, dementia, arthritis and other physical limitations that come with age make it difficult for the elderly to use tech comfortably.

3. Overwhelming information

Tech is constantly changing with new updates and upgrades. This makes it challenging for seniors to keep up. The slow fading of cognition with age doesn’t help the case.

4. Costs and access

Most seniors are retired on a small pension fund or super. This means that very few seniors can afford to be paying for tech upgrades and updates every so often.

Addressing the Challenges: Tech Resources for Senior Australians in Victoria

Addressing the Challenges Tech Resources for Senior Australians in Victoria | My Delta Care
We’ve put together resources that will help provide tech solutions for seniors in Melbourne, VIC. Here are a few running programs that are either free or less costly for seniors.




Contact Info

Tech Savvy Seniors

A partnership between Telstra and the government to provide seniors, especially those in rural Victoria, with the opportunity to develop tech skills

Contact Tech Savvy Seniors Here

Australian Seniors Computer Clubs Association (ASCCA)

A national peak body working with several Australian computer clubs and associations to provide seniors with the opportunity to access, learn and utilise the latest tech at the cheapest cost

ASCCA Contact Information

Note that the Pitt St Office has been closed due to COVID-19.

However, they’re working from home and can still answer emails and phone calls during normal working hours


Go Digi

A forum for seniors to get tech help any time they need and as easily as possible

Contact Go Digi on


There is no doubt that with the current trend of things, tech is an inevitable future. That being the case, seniors are much more at risk of getting left behind. This is why it is important to make efforts to bring them along to the future.

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